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Plot Nubbins - A Sanctuary Resource Community
They're not paired up for square dancing
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Welcome to plot_nubbins, a Sanctuary fanfic resource community. Here you can double check details, look up information about show canon, ask for help with writing, look for a beta, share your fics, and participate in regular ficlet challenges!

One of our aims is to help and encourage new Sanctuary Fic writers.

The links on the left will allow you to navigate the comm.

Further information about the comm can be found here
8th-Dec-2011 08:57 am - Post-Tempus Challenge
What exactly was Magnus doing for over a century living in obscurity? Why raising a large family of course!

Bonus if any characters of other tv shows are her descendants.
28th-Nov-2011 08:36 am - HAF or HAP?
I know that Henry is a hyper-accelerated protean life form. But what is the abbreviation that they use on the show: HAF or HAP?
The crowdest neon lights in HK
Oy, nubbin for my fellow Nikola/Nigel fans (or Everyone/Everyone or The Five Are All Delish), so Nikola should have an increased sense of smell and hearing eh? Can you just imagine those five testing out their powers, particularly with a good old fashion game of hide and seek? Invisible Man vs Vampire!
Because Helen has Nikola completely whipped, can you just see him laced up in one of her corsets back in the day? He's slim enough!

Bonus if "For Science" is used.

Or ho ho! It's some kinda of crazy under cover mission...the rest of the Five don't want Helen to go alone, and somehow Nikola either volunteers or all eyes end up on him.

...and as sexy as that would look, I think Nikola would at the end of it conclude that corsetting is a barbaric practice if it were to be expected!
Ya hallo thar! I'm a new fan, I'm watching episodes out of orders and I know that's bad, but I was just watching "End of Nights", and I think it was after John said that Ashley is his daughter, that Nikola said, "I'm not so sure about that", and then started pointing out Ashley's other traits in a way that I think he was hinting that Ashley might have been his daughter.

...but then there is the matter of Ashley's transportational power.

Here's the thing, I've only seen a few episodes, "Nubbins", "The Five", "Revelations 1&2", and Ashley as John and Helen's child doesn't entirely fit to me. She's very different from her mother, there is the bloodlust, that's where John comes in, but there is also the attitude, which, I KNOW we can simply explain it as, she's a teenager or was very recently...but wouldn't it be more fun if she got it from Nikola? God, that attitude, sometimes it rubs me the wrong way, sometimes I like it, she got the mouthy when she really shouldn't from somewhere - neither Helen nor John were the type to make idle threats. Plus, the lively impulsiveness.

Look at this: Three Genetic Parents, in this case, the 'third party' is only the mitochondrial DNA (and if Endosymbiotic Theory is true, that's not even a people part of what could be past on). Also, I don't know how to fit this in, but it's also possible for two female genetic parents however (Kaguya mouse project).

Source Blood is magical enough to give someone transportational powers, why couldn't it have altered their DNA in a way that Helen/John/Telsa could result in a child that has all of their traits? Maybe not perfect 1/3 x3...but something like [(23H + 23N = 46HN)/2] + [(23H + 23J = 46HJ)/2] = 46HJHN (so it's almost like genetically she's the granddaughter? but whatever).

I'll just like to see some good John and Nikola interaction if this comes out during the Cabal hunt.

Tag: 3some:helen/john/nikola
26th-May-2011 02:00 pm - Merfolk
Hi, it's me again. :)

I've watched all the relevant episodes I can think of, and nobody ever says, nor do circumstances make obvious, that merfolk *can't* breathe air. In everything we see they *don't* breathe air, but we don't know from any dialogue or other clues that they can't. I am planning the next story in the series I'm doing, and I suspect I'm gonna get Jossed concerning the merfolk. Since they're telepathic, (or dead, in one case,) they haven't had any reason to breathe air in the series so far; but if they come up again as a central theme (or even a brief one) in any episodes, I bet I'll get it. As far as swimming with Sally, all I know is she loves company, but prefers that people get completely naked before diving in to her home.

So, since my detective skills are limited, I was hoping someone with better cataloging ability could tell me if I'm right about the lack of specificity on the point of merfolk's oxygen processing capabilities.

Thanks for your attention to my little difficulty,


Boy, this'll be easier when I get a computer that works. I've been posting links to my site for each story on the other Sanctuary fic comms, because I can't post to another lj and have the cut thing work. Only my own. Someone explain that (possibly human error, but I used to be able to do that, darn it). It's just as easy to post one url to my site, since so far, all that's up there is this series of, hm, not quite ficlets--shorts, I guess. (smirk) Each is about three thousand words, or a little more, long.


Title: Lonely Man Who's in the Middle of Something

1. Fine Wine is Still Booze
2. Cuddling With Intent
3. Baby I'm Amazed

Author: whitejadeblack
Overall Rating: Teen for language, a bit of nonexplicit messing around
Stories are finished, series is not
Whew. I just named the series for this posting. I nearly called it "Mad Dog 20/20". 
19th-May-2011 09:45 pm - Eyes, height, favorite color...
Okay. Clearly, Magnus has blue eyes and is about six feet in heels (or thick-soled boots). Kate has dark brown eyes and is about five-six, shod. Everybody else is a mystery to me, because of the freaking camera angles in part, but also because Magnus (or Tapping) is taller than everybody on the frigging show except Heyerdahl. What they were doing with the whole "cast of munchkins" idea I'm not sure, unless they wanted Magnus to be the biggest damn hero on the screen (human one, at any rate). By this I mean, Henry and Will are not that tall. Will looks medium height and build, but he also looks nineteen, so I'm not putting much stock in my impressions there. And Henry, of course--he seems to be no more than an inch or so taller than Kate (who is usually in heels, I know.) As far as Will's eyes, if they're not blue, he's a mutant, because hair that color has no business existing on someone without blue eyes. (I've been screwing around with this problem for a while; forgive my surliness.) I think Henry's are green, but I'm not sure why I think that or if I should rely on it. And I CAN'T FIND the information anywhere, including their official sites (okay, I can see where if they're short they wouldn't advertise it, but whatever happened to putting your stats on your site?)

Can anyone post the cast's stats so we (especially me) don't make asses of ourselves whilst writing fanfic? Or can someone point me to a place they are posted?

Many thanks,

7th-May-2011 07:33 am - Hi

I posted this at manwolf love, but thought it might go as well (or better) here.

I'm new; I'd like to start writing and posting some simple fic. (I'm known for my convoluted plotty fic, but I don't know this series well enough yet.) I wonder if someone could tell me, though--I read in much of the fic that's out there that Will has been headshrinking Henry. I can't recall any instances in the shows where this happens, but my memory is somewhat impaired for such things. Sometimes this is written as a problem for a relationship starting, and sometimes not. I just wondered if there's much in the actual eps that either indicates or flat-out says/shows that Will has been acting as a shrink for Henry, or whether this is supposition. (Supposition is good. I just want to know.)

Also, does anybody but Kate ever call Henry "Hank"? (I like it. :) I've been thinking of some mission-driven friendship fic with the two of them, although, being bi, I'm mostly a slash fan. (It's just that Agam Darshi is exotic, which I love. And Kate kicks ass. I like Ashley okay, but Henry doesn't become a big part of the general team--he's mostly geekwork, though not entirely--until the third season.)

I've been working on my first slash fic in my head, but how the first scene goes depends on whether Henry and Will are just co-workers and friends or if there's a professional sort of shrinkage relationship there, too.

Thanks to all--


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